Drainage Systems

C250 Polypropylene Channel Plastic Slotted Grating BBET0215


The C250 loading class channel drainage is made of high-class material (polypropylene)

• Small weight makes transport and assembly of the drains easy
• Smooth surface provides high hydraulic properties
• High chemical resistance
• Non-soaking
• Drains connected with tongue and groove
• Grating screwed down (anti-theft)
• Correct assembly guarantees high load durability
• Highly aesthetic


• consolidated system drains
• full end drains
• drain end with place for a stub-pipe
• lower outlet
• s-bend 


Application: Landscaping, Garage Threshold, Patio, Garden, Play Areas

Loading Class: A15 – C250

Locking: Bar & Bolt

Material: Polypropylene

Gratings Available: Plastic Slotted

External Dimensions: 1000 x 130 x 158mm 


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