Extensive range of drainage solutions for every application

When it comes to managing surface water runoff or flood prevention, channel drainage is the ideal solution. Whether you need something simple for your driveway or a complex attenuation system for a new development we can offer a solution. Choose from our many options below or contact our technical advisors for a detailed proposal.

Drainage Loading Class A15

Pedestrian Channels
A15 Class

Domestic Driveway Channels
B125 Class

Road & Car Park Channels
C250 Class

Main Road & Traffic Area Channels
D400 Class

Industrial Area Channels
E600 Class

Docks & Airport Channels
F900 Class

Drainage Channel Solutions

Galco is a leading provider of surface water management systems to modern urban landscapes. We are also much more than just a drainage channel supplier. If you have a drainage related problem will provide you, complex drainage solutions supported with reliable, durable and functional products.

We know that effective surface drainage prevents damage to pavements, properties, and other assets, reduces hazards caused by standing water, reduces standing water (ponding) on paved surfaces, minimizes inconvenience and injury by reducing slip hazards: water, ice, aquaplaning, etc. Efficient surface drainage also reduces the risk of flood damage to property and valuable assets

Professional planning and good service are required, especially on large projects. To be able to successfully finish complex projects, smooth cooperation between different partners within the narrow time frame is required. With an in-depth understanding of the market and technical support, we can provide the complete package for all needs and applications.

When people used to talk about surface drainage, they meant concrete channels. However, in the meantime materials technology is now so far advanced that both high-strength Polypropylene and fiber glass-reinforced concrete channels are being used in road construction. Galco has excellent products for both areas in its product range.

Benefits of Galco Drainage Channels:

  • Quick and easy installation; time-saving
  • Prompt and easy access; lower maintenance costs
  • Practical and efficient!
  • Continuous interception
  • Level surfaces; safe and effective
  • Cost-effective!
  • Less pipe-work, less excavation
  • Shallow invert depths
  • Fewer channel outlets
  • Fewer manhole chambers
  • Neat linear appearance; aesthetic
  • Long channel runs
  • ‘Constant-depth’ or ‘stepped-fall’ channel configuration
  • Larger drainage catchment areas
  • Level surfaces
  • Additional savings!
  • Fewer channel runs
  • Further reduces excavation
Galco access covers new location


Over the past 50 years, Galco has become a recognized leader offering high quality equipment and systems. We are dedicated to exploring the latest construction technologies to generate cost savings for clients.

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