Painting galvanized steel has never been easier

The secret to painting Galvanized steel is in choosing the right paint product. Most paint products are designed for raw steel (iron) while a galvanized surface is primarily zinc. As a result normal paints do not stick well to this surface. Galvacoat was specifically developed over twenty years ago to solve this problem and is widely used in the ESB in the utility sector as well as on many gates, railings and balconies across the country. Offering more than 16 years life to first maintenance in most environments Galvacoat is available in all colours, and in small or large quantities. Best Paint for Galvanized Metal. 

GALVACOAT™ is a tough, single application polyurethane top coat specifically formulated to adhere to non-ferrous metals such as zinc.

Adhesion is the key!

Specifiers and contractors have struggled for years to achieve a successful method of painting galvanized steelwork. All too often their best efforts have resulted in disappointment as the paint peels or flakes off within a short period of time.

Most standard paints are designed for use on ferrous metals. Zinc is a non-ferrous metal and therefore it requires special etch primers. GALVACOAT™ was specially designed for non-ferrous metals thereby eliminating the need for these etch primers. If the wrong paint system is applied it can react with the galvanizing to form a layer of salts which causes the paint to lose adhesion over a period of time.

GALVACOAT™ adheres to the galvanizing and does not allow salts to form which means that for the life of the coating GT0 is achieved.

What is GT0?

This is a test that looks at the adhesion of paint to steel (BS3900; Part 6). In this test the paint is cross cut to leave small squares which when tape is applied over them will rip from the steel and attach to the tape if the adhesion is not good enough. GT0 is achieved when the tape cannot remove any paint from the steel. 

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