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Wide range of standard and custom design manhole covers to suit any project.

Whether you’re looking for galvanized steel or ductile iron manhole covers, solid top or recessed options we stock a large range of standard sizes to suit whatever situation or load classification you require. Our ‘in-house fabrication and galvanizing services’ also allow us to provide custom sizes and products for many different applications such as urban renewal schemes, pumping stations and unique one off replacement covers. 

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For 50 years Galco is dedicated to the development, manufacture and delivery of high-quality security products for water, sewage, utility, and telecommunications networks. We are always looking for best possible solutions that save our customers time and money. All of our standard products or custom products tailored to the client’s specific requirements, operating in compliance with Health, Safety and Environment regulations and are successfully used in many critical applications, including the utility sector and government establishments.

We perfectly understand that architects wish to produce aesthetically pleasing buildings that inspire and motivate and building services professionals and facilities managers need to have access to concealed services efficiently and cost effectively with minimum disruption.

Galco provides a range of Recessed Access Covers and Drainage Systems to complement the visual aspect of the paving products being used today on many of the urban regeneration projects. While providing the functionality, they also allow greater architectural expression as they harmonize imperceptibly with the landscape.

We are proud to introduce our new range of Ductile Iron Covers to the Irish market. Road improvement and investment in transport infrastructure are currently major issues that effect both public and private projects. As a result, this new range of varying sizes and load classes enable specifiers and designers to supply the right product for the right project accurately.

Please check our newest range of Recessed Covers, Steel Covers, Ductile Iron Covers and Replacement Covers that will provide easy and safe access to underground services.

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Over the past 50 years, Galco has become a recognized leader offering high quality equipment and systems. We are dedicated to exploring the latest construction technologies to generate cost savings for clients.

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