Drainage Systems

DRAINFIX® TWIN double tunnel system

Decentralised infiltration facility in private and public areas with low traffic volumes. The elements used to fill the infiltration structure should be lightweight and easy to handle and offer maximum storage capacity for small space requirement. The material must be durable and strong. The surface area should remain usable.

DRAINFIX TWIN are combinable infiltration elements with particularly large storage capacity. This large available volume makes it possible to collect large quantities of water. Subsequently, the water will be slowly released to the surrounding soil. Compared to conventional gravel-filled infiltration structures, site requirements and excavation are reduced by 2/3. The surface areas remain fully usable for other purposes.

Application areas

Collecting and storing stormwater for infiltration from sealed ground surfaces in private and public areas with low traffic volumes.

Transport Advantage

One Euro pallet will carry 32 stacked elements, which corresponds to approx. 8.1 m storage volume. It means favourable transport costs and small space requirements during storage 


  • very large storage volume
  • flexible installation alignment due to variable combinations
  • combination of seepage and retention possible

Strong performance

  • suitable for passenger car loading
  • very large storage volume
  • areas remain free to be used

Simple to install

  • very lightweight elements
  • easy modular installation
  • fully extendable
  • flexible installation alignment due to variable combinations

Transport advantages

  • element halves stack into each other
  • low transport volume
  • low transport costs 


TWIN 1/1, black (2 parts, 506 l)*

DRAINFIX TWIN 1/1, black, made of PP, element for infiltration trench, suitable for retaining, storing and releasing stormwater for infiltration, including 4 x DRAINFIX TWIN locking and 2 DRAINFIX TWIN connector brackets, load class for passenger cars with adequate installation, volume 506 l, L/W/H 1145x760x870 mm, weight 23.0 kg

 LengthWidthHeightWeightItem No.
TWIN 1/1, black (2 parts, 506 l)*11557808602396550

* including 4 times DRAINFIX TWIN locking and 2 DRAINFIX TWIN connection angles. Item must be assembled on site 


DRAINFIX® TWIN Applications

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