Sand pit bordering SPORTFIX®Kerb

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Water has to be removed quickly and reliably from sports fields and competition areas. The drainage channels that are used have to comply with the latest standards and also meet IAAF requirements. Sports facilities should be designed and equipped to prevent serious injury to sportspeople if falls or accidents occur.

The SPORTFIX range offers products that comply with these requirements, e.g. drainage channels made from 100 % recycled PP which can be laid precisely around sport fields. These channels are break proof and lightweight, therefore quickly and easily installed. Soft kerbs with elastic rubber padding, sand traps, water jump kit and distribution shafts also belong to our product range.

Sand pit bordering SPORTFIX®Kerb Benefits

  • For lining the edge of jump pits, sand pits as well as for the outer edge or running tracks
  • Rubber padding protects athletes and children from injuries
  • Available in heights from 200 up to 400 mm

Sand pit bordering SPORTFIX®Kerb product range


SPORTFIX®Soft-kerbs, corner pieces

SPORTFIX®Soft-kerbs for shot putting areas

SPORTFIX®Soft-kerbs, Accessories



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