Access Covers

Customised Steel Covers

A range of light to heavy duty solid top access covers and frames designed to suit your requirements. Manufactured from mild steel chequer plate with Hot Dip Galvanized finish. Includes all loading ranges from pedestrian to heavy loading areas. 


  • Galvanized mild steel
  • Locking (optional)
  • Removable brace (where appropriate)
  • Single seal
  • Various load classes available
  • Non standard dimensions made to order 


  • Locking device

Load capacity

  • A15 – D400
  • To comply with FACTA load classifications

Material Specification

Slip resistance pattern finish. Hot Dip Galvanized to I.S. EN ISO 1461:2009. Choice of material to loading ratio dependant on individual customer requirement. Multi-cover units for larger clear opening sizes, with heavy load carrying capacity, will require removable support beams.

Note: Structure of cover requires the Overall Size to be approximately 380mm larger that the Clear Opening Size – this does not include the anchoring lip (50mm). 

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