Benefits of Off-Site Application

Galco has recently become one of the newest approved intumescent paint contractors in Ireland, offering Sherwin Williams Firetex FX6002. Fire is one of the biggest risks that can completely destroy your building, businesses, public organizations and of course lives. Irish building regulations state that a building should remain structurally intact during a fire, providing [...]

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What is Intumescent?

Many passive fire protection products are claimed to be intumescent. What does this mean and when can a product be classed as intumescent? An intumescent is a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure, thus increasing in volume and decreasing in density. Intumescent materials used in fire protection will increase their volume [...]

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Galvacoat CPD for Architects and Engineers

Galco, Ireland’s largest Hot Dip Galvanizer, provide a full technical service CPE for Engineers & Architects in Ireland, including literature, telephone enquiries, plant visits and in-house Continuous Professional Development (CPD) presentations. Hot Dip Galvanizing has long been recognised as the most successful method of providing corrosion protection for steelwork. For some however, the perceived difficulty [...]

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