Benefits of Off-Site Application

Galco has recently become one of the newest approved intumescent paint contractors in Ireland, offering Sherwin Williams Firetex FX6002. Fire is one of the biggest risks that can completely destroy your building, businesses, public organizations and of course lives. Irish building regulations state that a building should remain structurally intact during a fire, providing a safe escape route for those inside and creating an entry point for firefighters.

Intumescent Painting in a Controlled Environment

Intumescent paint is primarily designed for off-site application in a controlled paint shop environment. Our trained staff carefully control the humidity, temperature and dew point in the shop at all times. The paint can be applied in one coat for up to 4 mm dry film thickness. You don’t need any additional sealers or top coats unless you require a specific colour finish.

Advances in the hardness and water resistance of the new generation of intumescent coatings now make off-site application possible. Thanks to these properties, you can easily transport painted steel with no additional protection against moisture or mechanical damage. The paint is easily applied with standard airless spray equipment, cures rapidly to a damage-resistant finish, ready for handling and transport the next day.

Quality Guaranteed

The project is given a job number when it arrives into Galco before undergoing inspection, ensuring it matches the information you’ve provided. Your steel will be put through our shoot blasting booth where it’s blasted to Sa2.5. The steel is then primed before the paint is applied to the required coating thickness.

To ensure correct adhesion, we keep the temperature in our paint facility between 5-15 degrees. Throughout the process, we record the dew point and wet film thickness. Upon completion, we will produce a detailed quality cert in accordance with ASFP guidance document 16.

In addition to ensuring the best quality control and finish, you can also benefit from plenty more advantages when choosing an off-site application. Your projects won’t be delayed due to weather or scheduling issues, resulting in cost savings and minimizing disruptions on site. As the steel arrives ready for erection, risks associated with painting high structures on site will be reduced, as well as eradicating any environmental issue linked with solvent emissions.

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