Custom Applications for Extreme locations

By upgrading to Galvacoat® Extreme, you can enjoy all the great benefits of Galvacoat® – even in some of the most inhospitable locations in Ireland and abroad, where they must withstand the uniquely challenging tests of these locations.

Depending on your particular needs, our Galvacoat® paint experts will develop a customised treatment that can be successfully used on applications such as:

  • Marine environments.
  • Public areas where a urea-resistant finish may be required.
  • High-corrosion environments.
  • Composting facilities.

Galvacoat is also available as an intumescent paint system for fire protection of hot dip galvanised steel. The system provides protection of ½ hour up to 2 hours (BS 476 part 21: 1987) and can be achieved with a decorative topcoat in a wide range of colours.

Standard Galvacoat® is a 2-pack (converter and hardener) single application paint. However, we can deliver a one-pack application if you are concerned with preserving the pot-life of your paint.

Check our case studies for a number of examples of how well Galvacoat® weathers over time.  

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