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Pre-Galvanized Pedestrian

A range of Pre-Galvanized Steel Solid Top Covers & Frames. Pedestrian to Light Traffic covers complete with polypropylene frames. 

Technical Spec

Product CodeDescriptionLoadClassClear OpeningOutside SizeHeight 
CLKS2PP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesPEDA300 x 300320 x 32030 
CLKS5PP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesPEDA450 x 450510 x 51030 
CLKS6PP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesPEDA450 x 600510 x 66030 
CLKS7PP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesPEDA600 x 600660 x 66030 
CLKS2AP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesV.LIGHTAA300 x 300360 x 36030 
CLKS5AP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesV.LIGHTAA450 x 450510 x 51030 
CLKS6AP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesV.LIGHTAA450 x 600510 x 66030 
CLKS7AP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesV.LIGHTAA600 x 600660 x 66030 
CLKS2BP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesLIGHTAAA300 x 300360 x 36030 
CLKS5BP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesLIGHTAAA450 x 450510 x 51030 
CLKS6BP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesLIGHTAAA450 x 600510 x 66030 
CLKS6BP*Pre-Galvanized Cover c/w Polypropylene FramesLIGHTAAA600 x 600660 x 66030 

Note: All dimensions are approximate and are for reference only. All dimensions in mm.

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