Galvanizing and painting balconies

Q: We have a large balcony project and the Architect has requested that it be painted after Hot Dip Galvanizing. We have heard that most paint will not adhere directly to freshly galvanized steel. Is this true and how should we overcome this problem? A: In general most paints will not adhere to freshly [...]

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Painting and Powder Coating on Hot Dip Galvanizing

A duplex coating is defined as a combination of two different coating systems which often complement one another, Typically this means a metallic coating overcoated by an organic system. Examples of such systems are hot dip galvanizing surfaces which have been painted or powder coated. Typically, a galvanized coating on its own will provide adequate [...]

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Pre-treatment for Painting

  Guidelines for the pre-treatment of galvanized surfaces have been drawn up as a result of (i) a study carried out by an independent research centre and a leading UK paint manufacturer into the performance of commercially available pre-treatment and paint systems and the parameters affecting their performance on hot dip galvanized coatings, and (ii) [...]

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