Why Use Paverslot Channel Drainage?

Hauraton Paverslot channels are a great option for design sensitive applications. The slotted channels are useful for areas and facades where aesthesis are important, particularly in public and commercial areas.

The channels can be discreetly hidden under the surface, allowing for the desired paving slabs/bricks to be laid without disruption while ensuring all functional drainage requirements are met with minimal visual disruptions.

Benefits of Slotted Channels

Paverslot allows for diverse and variable solutions as channels and covers can be combined in various ways. The channels come in widths of 100 to 150mm and depths of 60 to 188mm while being 1000mm long. The gratings available for Paverslot channels are either galvanized steel or stainless steel.

The constructive reinforcements under the cover and the thickness of the material ensure high quality and high cover stability. Likewise, the slots on the surface are resistant to mechanical influences, ensuring the channels are stable and secure.

Hauraton also use pure materials, guaranteeing corrosion protection and the recyclability of the individual components in order to improve longevity while maintaining a high level of performance. Both the galvanized and stainless gratings have a loading class of D400.

Paverslot Drainage Channel

The potential for time delays and increased costs on projects are minimised thanks to Hauratons tongue and grove connections on channels and covers, making the channels easy to handle and install on site.

The tongue and grove connections ensure permanently straight channels without complicated alignment procedures. Paverslot channels are made from recycled polypropylene, making them lightweight and easy to handle on site. The access covers can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning.

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