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Texaco Yard Dublin – Recyfix NC 

Texaco Yard Dublin

Dublin`s Texaco Yard project involved the resurfacing of a 2ha yard in Dublin Port. The existing ground had some contamination, therefore, keeping the drainage as high as possible was critical to keeping material export costs to a minimum. Drainage systems delivered by Galco offered an additional benefit due to the concrete saving compared to other systems on the market. The product used was RECYFIX NC 300 with E600 ductile iron grating.

There were many challenges involved in this project. The yard surface had to be capable of dealing with high point loads as well as high volumes of traffic. In the short term, the client required a space that could withstand the meandering movements of a reach stacker, a machine that has extremely high wheel loads when carrying containers.

However, also the client required a space that in the future could be used as a container terminal where stacks of containers could be built 5-high. The design had to incorporate the limits of the gantry cranes which would control the container movements within each stack.

Minimum material export costs

The existing yard was naturally very flat and it was required to import material to raise the levels in order to get sufficient falls. The existing ground had some contamination therefore keeping the drainage as high as possible was critical to keeping material export costs to a minimum.

All Heavy Duty Linear Drainage Channels had to be 300mm wide channels with a minimum peak flow capacity of 63 litres per second and with a minimum class E600/F900 grating to ISEN124. They had to be fitted with an approved sump unit in advance of discharge to the surface water drainage network with a minimum depth below the invert of 300mm.

Project: Texaco Yard

Client: Dublin Port Company

Consulting Engineer: DBFL Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers

Main Contractor: Murphy International 

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Easy access for future maintenance

“Channel drainage systems proved to be the best solution across the, 1:500 slope, container stacks in this instance as they have a robust design capable of handling the flat surface and also the E600 rated forces specified. The excavation was kept to a minimum as deep trenches were not required. The 300mm wide channel was chosen for easy access and future maintenance/cleaning of the system. The channel drains and their concrete surround were also useful as a permanent shutter once installed as the large concrete pours could butt against it.”

Eoin O’Shea, DBFL Consulting Engineers 

Additional cost savings

“Our originally recommendation was for Faserfix Super as this is for such application with dynamic forces the best product. SIDE-LOCK + 8 bolts per meter offer maximum security for such heavy dynamic loads. The Faserfix KS was offered as a cheaper solution (with SIDE-LOCK but without the 8 bolts fixing system) to the customer. The 3rd option Recyfix NC was offered by us as this system has also the 8 bolts fixing system and an installation benefit (speed due to the low weight) for the customer. Additionally, all 3 systems offered a benefit due to the concrete saving compared to other systems at the market.”

Rüdiger Simonis, Hauraton 

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