Paint for metal

Paint for metal that provides exceptional long lasting adhesion

Galvacoat® delivers an absolutely first class aesthetic finish on Hot Dip Galvanised Steel surfaces, It has been designed exclusively for use on non-ferrous metals, and can be applied in a single coating – without the need for special etch primers.

Galvacoat® is paint for metal that delivers exceptional adhesion and does not allow any salts to form, thus maximising adhesion levels and delivering a quality coating that can be typically expected to last for up to 15 years.

Requiring just a single coat and suitable for all spray systems or brush applications, the lifetime cost of Galvacoat® is drastically lower than conventional paints.

We can match any RAL or British Standard colour, and Galvacoat® retains its chosen colour to within 5% over a period of 20 years – you can check our case studies for a number of examples of how well it weathers over time.

It can be applied directly to freshly galvanised steel or as a fresh coat to galvanised steel that’s been coated with conventional paints.

You can use Galvacoat® on applications as diverse as balconies and gates, power and sub-station equipment, railings, street furniture, structural steel and water treatment plants. 

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