Hydraulic performance of Recyfix channels

The graphs based on the program for hydraulic calculation of channels, created by the Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Hydraulics and the corresponding tests from the year 2006.
The values refer to a rainfall rate of 150 l / s ha, an free discharge at the end of the channel and a runoff coefficient of 1.0.
The rainfall intensity is linear in the calculation of outflows from the field, values can also be converted linearly. A double rainfall halved the depth of drainage area for the same length of run, a halving of the rainfall doubles the depth of drainage area for the same length of run . A similar length of run is here condition!

For the flow these relations do not apply, it is constant because it is the product of area and rain intensity.

  • On the left Y-axis is the depth of the drainage area is plotted in [m],
  • on the right Y-axis, the flow values are plotted in [l/s],
  • along the X-axis is the length of run in [m]

The solid lines are the compensation curves and to use. Only for the maximum value of the catchment area at 5 m length of run , the maximum value of the dashed curve is decisive.




Hydraulic Design Software

Hauraton channel drainage configurations are designed and sized using in-house Hydraulic design software. The accuracy of the software has been verified by physical testing of Hauraton systems within a hydraulic discharge test flume, replicating and evaluating hundreds of flow scenarios.

Hydraulic design software is also available free of charge to industry professionals. Intuitive and user friendly, Hauraton Design Software allows engineers to create drainage schemes for the company’s range of civil engineering systems on tablets, desktop computers or through the internet (web-based application).

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