Helping Build Ireland’s Sustainable Future

Galco Sustainable Future

Ireland’s leading galvanizer, Galco, unveils its Responsible Business Framework and a comprehensive Carbon Transition Plan, setting the pace for sustainable construction.

In an era where environmental consciousness is more than a buzzword, certain industry stalwarts lead by example. Galco, with its impressive 55-year tenure, stands out in Ireland’s construction landscape.

Following an extensive project carried out with the help of Enterprise Ireland and Clearstream Solutions, Galco have now launched their Responsible Business Framework and Carbon Emissions Transition Plan to help deliver a sustainable built environment for the future.

Galvanized Steel: Building Blocks of the Future


Galvanized steel stands out as a perfect example of sustainability in construction. Its virtues lie in durability and circularity. The process of hot dip galvanizing ensures a strong protective barrier against corrosion, often outlasting its projected lifespan of 70 years without needing maintenance.

The cycle of sustainability doesn’t end with its lifespan. Once these structures reach their life’s end, they offer the promise of reuse or regeneration. The intrinsic bonding of galvanized coatings makes it straightforward to measure and gauge whether the steel has the potential for reuse, eliminating the need for recoating.

If reuse is no longer an appropriate option, the galvanized coating can be stripped from the steel, allowing both the steel and zinc to be returned to their original form without any loss of properties, ready for use once again.

Galco’s Pillars of Responsible Business


Galco’s has always set its sights on serving the Irish construction industry with impeccable standards. Their forward-thinking approach is deeply rooted in the four pillars that uphold their Responsible Business Framework:

Planet: With global warming at the forefront of their minds, Galco commits to proactive steps towards Carbon reduction. Their approach encompasses a multifaceted approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, optimize energy and water use, and pioneer waste reduction techniques.

People: While technological advancements are essential, Galco places its workforce at the centre of its operations. By fostering a culture of fairness, safety, and continuous learning, they maintain their team’s optimal performance while providing a safe working environment with equal opportunities for all.  

Products: Beyond in-house practices, Galco’s green ethos extends to all stakeholders. Collaborating closely with partners, the firm is committed to enhancing the environmental footprint of the built environment, by extending the life of products, reducing maintenance cycles and championing a circular economy.

Governance: Galco is an ethical company that seeks to lead by example in terms of its governance processes. To achieve this, they ensure their business conduct, products and services are of the highest quality.

Towards a Greener Horizon: Carbon Transition Roadmap


For Galco, the journey to realizing Science-Based Targets is based on resourcefulness and determination. Their comprehensive carbon transition roadmap, spanning up to 2030, encapsulates this ethos. According to Ed Byrne, Group Managing Director, “We began our transition plan in 2021 with a new bath, furnace, heat exchanger and smart firing technology in our Waterford plant and we plan to roll out the latest upgrades and technology improvements across the Galco group on a phased basis over the next five years. Next in line is our Dublin plant which is currently undergoing a major renovation which will include all the above gas saving technology along with the installation of a new 13m long bath making it the largest bath and most energy efficient galvanizing plant in Ireland”.

Strategic Alliances: Galco & The IGBC


With sustainability in focus, Galco recently joined with the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC). This association expands Galco’s purpose and impact. The IGBC, a respected non-profit, brings together a broad spectrum of stakeholders with a shared vision: an environmentally harmonious built environment.

The construction industry needs to deliver sustainable growth within the bult environment and as Ireland’s leading galvanizer, Galco embraces this responsibility and intends to help lead the way through strategic innovations, collaborations, and an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. Ultimately their goal is to help the industry in attaining their decarbonization objectives from now to 2050.

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