Galvanized Steel at the Heart of Meakstown

The underway construction of the Meakstown Community Centre showcase a modern and practical design by Henchion Reuter Architects. Central to this project is Galco’s supply of 14 tonnes of hot dip galvanized steel, coated with Galvacoat paint for added durability and visual quality.

The new centre will cost €7.5million and is being completely funded by Fingal County Council. The spectacular new circular building, which has been designed by an Integrated Design Team led by Henchion Reuter Architects, will be energy efficient and will include:

  • A three-court sports hall
  • Four large multipurpose rooms for activities such as dance classes, yoga sessions, pilates, training workshops and community meetings
  • An inclusive Changing Places facility
  • Parking provision for 40 bicycles, including electric bikes, cargo bikes and scooters.

Meakstown Community Hot Dip Galvanizing and Galvacoat


The Strength of Galvanized Steel

The use of steel galvanized and painted by Galco aligns with the firm’s goal of creating a durable and sustainable building.

Architect wanted a Galvanize & Powder Coat finish but Kevin Cash in KH Engineering saw the Galvanizing and Galvacoat as the best solution.

In construction, longevity and durability are paramount  – explains Anthony Walker, from KH Engineering. – With Galco’s galvanizingl, we’ve hit two birds with one stone. The galvanization process provides a formidable barrier against environmental elements, significantly extending the lifespan of the steel. It’s particularly crucial for a community center like this, where longevity translates to sustained community benefits.

The Duplex Advantage

Using Galvacoat paint over the galvanized steel is not just about aesthetics.

This duplex system forms a robust shield, drastically reducing maintenance needs – says Bill Maher, Coatings Manager at Galco. – The paint adheres flawlessly to the galvanized surface, ensuring that the structure remains pristine and visually striking for years to come. It’s about blending durability with visual appeal, making it a perfect fit for a community landmark.

Meakstown Community Galvanizing and Galvacoat

A Blend Durability and of Aesthetics

The Meakstown Community Centre is set to be a beacon of durability and design, thanks to Galco’s expertly supplied materials. By merging the strength of galvanized steel with the protective and aesthetic qualities of Galvacoat paint, Galco has significantly contributed to a project that promises to be a cornerstone for the Meakstown community for decades to come.

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