Galco’s Duplex Coating Secures Killygordon Footbridge’s Future

To foster increased connectivity within the local communities of Killygordon, McMenamin Engineering has successfully installed a new footbridge. Located adjacent to the pre-existing stone arch road bridge, this six-meter-wide footbridge ensures safe pedestrian transit across the river, thus significantly enhancing community access to key local facilities like Red Hughes GAA, Gleneely NS, and Monellan Woods Walks.

However, the proximity to water, coupled with the considerable traffic volume, posed a challenge – ensuring the bridge’s longevity and visual appeal in such conditions. That’s where Galco stepped in, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective solution with the cutting-edge duplex coating system, featuring hot dip galvanizing and Galvacoat.

Killygordon Footbridge Galco Galvacoat (3)

The Galco Solution

Galco, with its wealth of expertise in corrosion protection, identified hot dip galvanizing as the most suitable protection solution for the bridge. With its unique properties, this process offers a maintenance-free life of over 50 years, making it a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable option.

However, to meet the high-volume traffic demand and the associated wear and tear, Galco leveraged a duplex coating strategy. Following the galvanizing process, a layer of Galvacoat was applied. This specially formulated paint adheres perfectly to non-ferrous metals, providing a robust second line of defence against corrosion.

This solution was implemented in Galco’s state-of-the-art paint shop, ensuring top-tier quality and speedy turnaround times, saving both time and money.

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Outcomes and Benefits

The Galvacoat paint system, renowned for its exceptional durability, provides a maintenance-free life of more than 16 years in many instances. The duplex coating strategy offers multiple benefits including long-lasting corrosion protection and a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing finish, that aligns perfectly with the project’s requirements.

Moreover, this coating method was completed within an expedited timeframe, demonstrating the efficiency of Galco’s operations. Thanks to Galco’s intervention, the Killygordon community can now enjoy a safe and visually pleasing footbridge, and the stakeholders can rest assured of its longevity, free from concerns about corrosion-related maintenance for years to come.

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Reflection and Future Prospects

The successful completion of the footbridge, now officially open, stands as a testament to Galco’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and community service. McMenamin Engineering’s project, beautifully encapsulating these values, was close to home in more ways than one.

Looking ahead, Galco’s partnership with local developers and organisations promises more such transformative projects, driving community development while demonstrating the lasting value and cost-effectiveness of Galco’s solutions. As Cllr McGowan stated: “This is the third footbridge we will see Constructed in the Finn Valley in recent years, and I am looking forward to progress on getting a new footbridge constructed.

Galco stands at the forefront of innovative, sustainable, and efficient corrosion protection, facilitating infrastructural developments that positively impact communities and stand the test of time.


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