Bray Seafront Plaza

Paverslot channel drainage Bray Seafront Plaza

Upgrades to Bray’s sea-front plaza on Strand Road have recently been completed. This high-quality plaza has greatly enhanced the public space on Bray’s famous seafront.

Placed as it is, in the centre of the local community, it is regularly used by both residences and business in the area. It provides the opportunity to sit and relax while also allowing people to move about easily and comfortably between amenities, cafes, and businesses on both sides of Strand Road.

It provides a coherent connection between the footpaths and cycle tracks on either side and provides for outdoor café/restaurant seating and hosting public events.

Discreet Channel Drainage

Galco is proud to have been involved in the installation of the new surface water drainage, supplying Hauraton’s Recyfix Paverslot channel with asymmetric galvanized gratings. Paverslot was chosen as it’s a great option for design sensitive projects.

The channels can be discreetly hidden under the surface, allowing for the desired surface layer to be put down without disruption while ensuring all functional drainage requirements are met with minimal impact to the project’s design.

The channel has a loading of D400 ensuring it will have the capabilities to deal with the high levels of traffic the plaza will experience over the coming years.

Pedestrian Friendly Solution

The enhancements included widening the existing footpaths as well as adding a new pedestrian crossing. The road needed to be raised in height and reduced in width. The project also created a shared space linking the existing cycle route on both sides of the plaza.

There were also additional planters, seating and lighting columns added along the sea front.

This project has achieved what is set out in the Bray Local Area Plan in the development of safe and accessible pedestrian and cycle routes. The work was carried out by Shareridge Civil Engineers and was funded by the National Transport Authority.

Strand Road Plaza’s development project is just one of several hundred, not just in the Greater Dublin Area, but across the country, being funded by NTA as part of the overall plan to make cycling and walking easier and safer for more people. It is one of many National Transport Authority (NTA) projects in progress and its completion and opening, is a clear demonstration of Wicklow County Council’s commitment to sustainable transport and active travel measures for the future in conjunction with the NTA.

Installed Products

  • Hauraton Recyfix Paverslot c/w D400 Galvanized Asymmetric Grating

Project Details

  • Client: Wicklow County Council/ National Transport Authority
  • Civil Engineer: Shareridge


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