The KCC Machinery Yard in Naas Drained with Recyfix Monotec

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Kildare County Council took a significant step in improving regional infrastructure with the KCC Machinery Yard & Regional Salt Barn project in Naas. Clonmel Enterprises Limited skillfully completed this project, creating a new machinery yard and a vital salt barn for keeping roads safe in winter.

What makes this project stand out is the use of 650 meters of Recyfix Monotec, supplied by Galco. This material is known for its strength, corrosive resistance, eco-friendliness, and effective drainage, making it a key feature of the project.

The Salt Barn Project: An Essential Asset for Naas


The Salt Barn in Naas is a vital center for winter road safety. It can hold 23,000 tonnes of salt and house different winter maintenance tools. This barn is essential for keeping roads safe during the tough winter months. It helps Kildare County Council to store and distribute salt more effectively, greatly improving the region’s readiness for winter. Also, its convenient location in Naas makes it easier and quicker to handle winter road maintenance throughout the county.

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Cormac O’Lochlainn, from Clonmel Enterprises, shares his insights:

“The Salt Barn Project presented unique challenges, particularly in managing the corrosive environment due to large salt volumes and ensuring efficient drainage during Ireland’s heavy rainfall seasons. Galco’s Recyfix Monotec system emerged as the optimal solution, offering unparalleled benefits in this challenging context.”

Additional benefits of the RECYFIX MONOTEC system include:


  • Sustainable Material: Made from recycled goods, reducing environmental impact.
  • PVC-Free: Ensures a lower environmental footprint.
  • Fully Recyclable: Can be recycled after lifetime use, promoting sustainability.
  • High Hydraulic Capacity: Designed for heavy rainfall, preventing waterlogging.
  • Frost, UV, and Chemical Resistance: Durable against various environmental conditions.
  • Easy Maintenance: Quick and straightforward upkeep through inspection boxes.
  • Lightweight Design: Facilitates easier handling and installation on-site.

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In conclusion, Galco’s Recyfix Monotec was a perfect fit for the Naas Salt Barn, meeting operational needs and supporting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Project Details:


Client: Kildare County Council

Designer: Kilgallen & Partners

Main Contractor: Clonmel Enterprises

Location: Naas, Co. Kildare

Drainage: Recyfix Monotec 100 Type 280

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