Store St. Youghal drained with Monotec

Recyfix Monotec drains Store Street project in Youghal. Cork County Council chose it for its lightweight, high capacity, fast installation, and monolithic drainage system.

One of the biggest challenges of the project was to find the most suitable drainage solution that would solve the following issues:

  • Strength, min D400 loading.
  • Robustness, suitable for vans and trucks twisting/turning on it.
  • Larger than usual drainage capacity.
  • Heel-safe for pedestrians.
  • Corrosion-resistant because of its close proximity to the sea.
  • Ready to take a high volume of car traffic and trucks doing deliveries.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

The Recyfix Monotec was channel was proposed & approved because it met all of the conditions above.

Light, sturdy, easy to install

“We are extremely happy with the way in which the product has performed since installation on the road network” – says Michael Lucey, Engineer from Cork County Council. – The Monotec looks very smart in place, and it does a great job in keeping the area free of water lodging or stagnant water on the surface which is the ultimate goal for road drainage.

Another major advantage for the construction company installing the channels was how easy they were to install as they are significantly lighter than channels made of mineral material.

“From an installation point of view, the installers liked working with the product as it is lightweight therefore leading to fast installation and it’s easy to transport around site” – ads Michael Lucey. – This makes them especially easy to transport and aides for a fast accurate installation.

Example: Monotec 100 Type 230 weighs 8.21kg compared to a Polymer Concrete Channel at approx. 31.5kg.

Professional support

Galco is a leading provider of surface water management systems to modern urban landscapes. We are also much more than just a drainage channel supplier. If you have a drainage related problem we will provide you with, complex drainage solutions, hydraulic calculations, supported with reliable, durable and functional products.

“In terms of dealing with Michael Coady and Galco, I found they were very professional at all times and any advice offered during the project was practical and relevant” – says Michael Lucey from Cork County Council. “It was a pleasure to do business and I look forward to doing more in the future”.

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