Drainage channel for artificial turf pitches

Artificial turf surfaces are a type of plastic carpet. During play on such surfaces, the SBR Rubber and EPDM granulate (the material used for infilled artificial turf) and the synthetic grass fibres are exposed to repeated stressing. The mechanical wear from high tread loads – as arising during football or rugby – causes tiny particles or blades of artificial grass to break off.

This amounts to 250 to 300 kg per year for modern sports pitches. These particles need to be prevented from entering the natural water cycle, and ultimately the food chain, via rainwater draining off the pitch.

SPORTFIX CLEAN channels offer a simple but extraordi­narily simple solution. The channels safely collect not only surface water flowing off the sports field contaminated with microplastics, but also larger microplastic parts transported to and collected along the edge of the pitch during play. The water is collected and drained off in the channel run, while being fed through the channel filter and filtered at the same time.

The filter substrate used, Carbotec 60, is able to permanently retain the finest particles with sizes down to 0.45 µm.

Monotec monolithic drainage system

SPORTFIX CLEAN receives Environmental Technology Award

SPORTFIX CLEAN snow trap channel

98 % Microplastics Retention

Longer maintenance intervals

This SPORTFIX CLEAN channel filter functions on the principle of surface filtration. It is therefore twice as effective: not only plastic parts are retained on the filter surface, but also pollutants such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons. The system has been shown to work reliably over very long periods.

Long maintenance intervals and simple cleaning are additional benefits. After many years of use, filter cake forms on the surface of the filter. This is stripped off during maintenance and then only the filter substrate that has been removed is replenished.


Modular System = Easy Installation

A large part of the granulate and the broken synthetic fibres stick to the clothes and shoes of the athletes. The SPORTFIX CLEAN particle trap element was specially developed for this purpose: Ideally, it should be installed at the player’s exit where it collects and retains microplastic from the shoes and clothing. This also means that less microplastic gets into changing rooms and washing machines.

SPORTFIX CLEAN particle trap

Perfect Solution For Plastic Pollution in Water

SPORTFIX CLEAN works according to the proven principle of surface filtra-tion and has been proven to achieve a retention of >98% of the discharged microplastic particles (infill material and broken artificial turf blades), tested by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

Further advantages for operators of sports pitches:

  • Easy Installation

  • Existing facilities can also be retrofitted

  • Extremely low maintenance requirements, every 3 – 5 years

  • The system remains continuously usable, even after the artificial turf has been replaced

  • The purified water can be stored and reused

sportfix clean water cistern


sportfix clean products artificial turf pitch


Microplastics in artificial turf

SPORTFIX CLEAN – Download Files



sportfix clean galco channel drainage
sportfix clean galco channel drainage
sportfix clean galco channel drainage
sportfix clean galco channel drainage
sportfix clean galco channel drainage
sportfix clean galco channel drainage

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