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Shot Blasting Extends The Life Of Galvanizing by 50%

Prepare & Protect Your Steel in One Place

Shot Blasting & Painting Services

If you require increasing the galvanizing coating thickness or extending the life of paint, shot blasting is the best option.

If you want proper adhesion for your coating system and to ensure all rust, mill scale or old paint has been removed, shot blasting is the best option.

Abrasive blasting changes the substrate surface to a uniformly textured surface, this is called a surface profile or anchor pattern. Surface profile is important to enable the coating system to adhere to the substrate more securely.


The steel is shot blasted to ISO 8501-1, SSPC / NACE (or per customer specification).

Galco process can handle a variety of product sizes, widths and lengths. We can also shot blast and prime any structural shape including angles, beams, channels, pipe and tubing up to 2.5m wide and 2m high.

Our shot blasting plant in Dublin has dimensions 15 m x 4 m x 5 m (l/w/h).

Extra Protection

Besides the shot blasting, we can apply bespoke coating systems, depending on our client’s specifications. 

Why Use Shot Blasting?

What Is Shot Blasting?

The term “shot blasting” refers to the process of propelling abrasive media material with centrifugal or mechanical force.

The abrasive energy from compressed air or the turbine wheel hits the material with great speed and force, which allows you to remove unwanted layers of rust or old paint and paint coatings.

The process also prepares the steel for covering with a new protective coating (i.e. galvanizing or intumescent paint). Shot blasting gives the steel surface a slight roughness, which is an ideal base for further coating with protective coatings, which are characterized by better adhesion.

Removing rust, mill scale or old coatings to expose clean bare metal ready for subsequent treatment. It also provides an effective method of preparing a surface with a roughened profile which encourages the adhesion of the individual coatings we offer. 

What Is Shot Blasting?

Most types of metal can end up with rust or corrosion. Whether it’s actually rust or something else, like mill scale, these issues can trap moisture under them, holding it against the metal where it can do even more damage. The mill scale must be removed prior to painting, or ultimately the mill scale and paint will fall away (detach) from the substrate at a later date. Mill scale can be very hard to remove and blast cleaning is generally the only option. Removing the corrosion releases moisture and protects the metal. The shot blasting can be used on various metals and can strip even badly rusted beams and poles down to clean metal so that they can be used again. 

The surface of the metal that has been shot blasted will hold a paint layer or other type of coating far better than regular metal. It offers an extremely strong bond and helps ensure the coating will last for as long as possible. 

Any issues that may be present on the surface of the metal can easily be seen once you’ve used this method to clear it up. The shot can also be useful in smoothing the surface out quite a bit, making it fit for the next layer you choose to put on it. Once a defect has been identified, it’s possible to blend away defects and smooth out rough spots. 

The best way to clean metal and create a good key. The shot is used to abrade the surface. The dust that is created by the process is quickly suctioned away by a machine designed for the process. 

A surface profile can take a very long time with traditional methods. However, with shot blasting, it’s possible to prep your surface up to 75% faster. That means time and money saved in the long run, and the products can be moved forward on the assembly line quite easily. 

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