Quality Management System

For more than 50 years now, Galco has focussed on delivering quality and consistency to our clients on time and within budget. The Directors and Senior Management are committed to making sure that the Galco quality objectives are met by the operation and maintenance of Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems; ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. The company constantly monitors its quality performance and implements improvements where possible.

When it comes to Paint Application, the highest possible quality is what we strive for. Each step in the process is supervised and controlled by our competent and trained staff. Each stage of the application process is carefully examined to ensure the highest quality finish is achieved.

All material is processed in accordance with the ASFP guidance document 16, and we are happy to issue certificates of conformance on demand. All of our painted products are fully checked in line with our Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 before being dispatched to ensure a high-quality service is undertaken each and every time.

We invite external Paint Inspectors to come in and carry out a review of our systems at any time.

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Fulfilling customers’ expectations is a primary objective of the Galco Quality System. To ensure that customer expectations will be fulfilled, Galco will clearly define the requirements for each contract before it is approved.

Galco’s personnel are accountable for compliance to standards-based, written quality specifications. To achieve reliable and consistent results, these specifications are clearly spelled out. Specifications apply to materials, work steps, qualified personnel, safe work rules and environmental conditions.

Sika Certification

  • Independent fire testing according to EN 13381-8 (BS 476)
  • Classified according ETAG 018-2:2006 Type X
  • Fire behaviour: Classification B-s2, dO (EN 13501-1)
  • 60min 90min 120min – as specified
  • ISO 12944 – Corrosion

Sherwin Williams Certifications

  • C1 to C5 environments inclusive.
  • Tested to BS476 Part 20/21.
  • Assessed to ASFP Yellow Book 5th Edition.
  • Third party certified under Certifire CF5644.
  • Tested according to EN16623, including EN13381 parts 8 & 9.
  • Certified under ETA 18-070

Paint Application Certification

  • Blasting Sa2.5
  • As per manufacturers recommendations
  • ICATS – Industrial Coatings Applicator
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Benefits of Intumescent Paint

  • Fire-proofing – intumescent paint work as a fire proof, providing essential additional time in case of an emergency.
  • Prolonged life – intumescent paint prolongs the life of structural steel surfaces.
  • Insulation – intumescent paint acts as an insulator, protecting structures from damage and deformation.
  • Aesthetics – intumescent paint provides an aesthetically pleasing wherever it is applied but particularly on structural steel surfaces.
  • Limits the spread of fire by containing it in a single compartment in its area of origin
  • Slows the spread of toxic gas and black smoke, allowing people more time to escape more safely
  • Provides vital escape time for people during fire incidents
  • Protects escape routes, building structure and critical structural members
  • Minimizes costs to rebuild after the fire
  • Protects owners’ built assets


Over the past 50 years, Galco has become a recognized leader offering high quality equipment and systems. We are dedicated to exploring the latest construction technologies to generate cost savings for clients.

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