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Preformed thermoplastic markings

No big investment or machinery is required when choosing preformed thermoplastic as a road marking solution. The precut signs and symbols are ready to use on delivery and can be laid all year round. All that is required is a brush and a heat torch. The preformed product range includes all types of horizontal traffic signage, decorative and tactile markings.

PREMARK is a preformed thermoplastic road marking product, which is ready to use on delivery and can be laid all year round. All horizontal traffic signs, traffic symbols and traffic markings are available in this durable material. It is simple and easy to use as it only requires a brush and a gas burner to be applied. Sweep off the surface, apply the PREMARK thermoplastic and use the gas burner to fix it in place. No big investment or machinery is needed when choosing a PREMARK road marking solution.

Permanent marking with retroreflection

PREMARK is a permanent marking with long-term durability. The material fuses with the surface which helps ensure the longevity of the marking. In fact, PREMARK lasts 6–8 times longer than road markings which are painted on the road surface.

Glass beads are evenly dispersed on the surface and all through the 3 mm preformed thermoplastic material to ensure optimum reflection during the product’s entire lifetime. A patented temperature indicator system indicates when PREMARK has been sufficiently heated. 

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