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PREMARK® – Preformed Thermoplastic Road Marking

Traffic safety depends not only on the will of road users and pedestrians to behave properly in traffic, but also on their possibilities for doing so. This is where ingenious – and maintained – road markings enter the picture.

PREMARK® is a preformed, ready-to-use thermoplastic road marking. The prefabricated markings can be applied to road surfaces all year round. Application is fast and easy, because it only requires one person, a broom and a gas burner! 

Step forward in marking technology


PREMARK® is a permanent marking with long lasting durability. The material fuses with the surface and ensures a long life. PREMARK® lasts up to 10 times longer than road markings painted on the road surface.

Glass beads are evenly dispersed on the surface and all through the 3 mm thick preformed thermoplastic material to ensure optimum reflection during the life time of the product. A patented temperature indicator system indicates when PREMARK® has been sufficiently heated.

In addition to it’s ease of use, preformed markings have the following significant benefits:

  • Lasts 10 time longer than paint
  • Non Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Contains no lead or chromates
  • Colour Guaranteed
  • Comes ready to use
  • Can be laid all year round

The Premark® range includes all officially registered traffic symbols, signs, lines, arrows, letters and numbers. 

Certified markings of traffic symbols, traffic signs, lines, arrows, letters and numbers

All over the world, PREMARK® helps ease everyday traffic and guides road users safely on their way with well-known symbols. The PREMARK® range includes all officially registered traffic symbols, traffic signs, lines, pedestrian crossings, arrows, letters and numbers.

PREMARK® is a certified marking and has several international approvals such as ATG, BASt and NF. The colour pigments in PREMARK® are organic and other components of the thermoplastic material do not give off environmentally harmful substances.

Moreover, PREMARK® has passed sensibility test according to international standards. The negative test result means that performing your road marking job with PREMARK® reduces the risk of skin problems or allergic reactions to a minimum 


  • Specifically designed for permanent markings on all roads, highways, car parks and playgrounds
  • Non toxic contains no lead or chromates and is colour guaranteed throughout its life due to using natural pigments. It has a minimum P.S.V. of 55% which can be increased with anti-skid. It is fully reflective
  • Adheres to any surface i.e. concrete, block paving, ceramic tiles, metal, asphalt and all tarmacadam
  • Available in all 13 standard colours
  • Flexible and easy to install, requiring limited traffic management, therefore saving costs on specialist contractors

REMEMBER: Premark is guaranteed for 4 years on the highway

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