RECYFIX HICAP has been developed for special drainage functions. The channel system is used for draining large areas and simultaneously serves as a retention space. The RECYFIX HICAP drainage system holds large volumes of surface water, guides it over large distances and at one point directs it to the main channel. The system offers very high hydraulic capacity for increasing drainage averages. This creates a large backwater reserve. At the same time it offers the option to restrict the water output to the main water channel and to slowly release the collected water into the sewage network.

When designing road layouts it is necessary to tie in the new drainage lines with the existing canal system all surface water must be drained away quickly and the drainage system linked up to the canals at many points. a costly and time-consuming operation. The ideal solution would be a combination of a linear drainage with a surface drainage channel in one component. This makes it possible to run the water volumes along the linear drainage to a point at the main canal. In addition, the linear drainage should provide large back-pressure capacity to comply with the usual retention requirements by local authorities. The visual appearance at the surface should be uniform and appealing.


For Engeneers:

  • large selection of nominal
    widths from 100 to 680 mm
  • for effective drainage solutions
  • for all loading classes and
    all common road surface finishes
  • cost savings in the overall
    drainage installation costs
  • less manholes and outlets
  • provides a uniform visual
    appearance also in large
  • projects
  • well suitable for small and large areas

For Building Contractors:

  • fast and easy to install
  • components are break-proof
  • no separate gratings

For customers:

  • no expensive pipe installations required
  • highly efficient solution
  • easy to maintain
  • the top inlet element matches all types
  • of surface finishes