Limerick Regional Athletics Hub Drained with Sportfix

Limerick Athletics Hub Galco Drainage Channel

The Limerick Regional Athletics Hub in Newcastle West, officially opened on 14th September 2023, marks a significant milestone in Irish sports infrastructure. This project, adeptly managed by Sole Sports and Leisure Ltd, has been brought to fruition with a key contribution from Galco, renowned for supplying superior drainage systems.

Project Overview and Regional Significance


The Limerick Regional Athletics Hub, costing €4.2 million, is a groundbreaking facility, equipped with an international standard athletics track, floodlighting, and specialized areas for a myriad of field sports activities. It’s the first project completed under the Large Scale Sport Infrastructure Fund, receiving a substantial grant from the Department, signifying its importance to the region. This hub is not just a sports facility but a beacon of community spirit and athletic ambition, poised to foster a new generation of Irish sporting heroes.

Importance of Water Management in Sports Facilities


Effective water management is crucial in sports facilities, particularly in regions prone to wet weather. Superior drainage ensures that the facility remains functional and safe, regardless of the weather conditions. It is vital for maintaining the quality of the playing surface, thereby ensuring optimal performance and safety for athletes, especially during rainy days. The role of a reliable drainage system cannot be overstated in its contribution to the athletes’ performance and safety.

Limerick Athletics Hub Galco Fibretec Drainage Channel

Collaboration and Innovation


The collaboration between Galco and Sole Sports and Leisure Ltd was instrumental in selecting the appropriate drainage systems for this ambitious project. Galco’s Sportfix system and Recyfix Pro were chosen for their proven effectiveness and adaptability to various athletic environments.

The Sportfix system, renowned for its use in major international sporting events, offers rapid and efficient water drainage, mimicking the agility and endurance of top athletes.

Meanwhile, the Recyfix Pro system, with its environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing design, complements the stadium’s architecture while providing safe, non-conductive, and anti-static drainage solutions.

Peadar Murphy from Sole Sports and Leisure Ltd lauds the excellent collaboration with Mick Coady from Galco.

Their combined expertise in selecting the right products was pivotal in addressing the project’s challenges. The partnership prioritized not only efficient water management but also athlete safety and environmental sustainability.

Limerick Athletics Hub Galco C250 Drainage Channel

A Wish for the Future


As we celebrate the opening of this state-of-the-art facility, we extend our best wishes to all athletes who will train and compete here. The Limerick Regional Athletics Hub is more than just a sports venue; it’s a platform for athletes to surpass their limits and achieve new personal bests. Here’s to many records being set and broken on this ground-breaking track, a true testament to the spirit of sportsmanship and the pursuit of excellence.

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