Limerick Quality Hotel

Big savings on Limerick Quality Hotel with one coat GALVACOAT®

Painting contractor Sean Flannery, based in Moyross, Limerick, has been working in the industry since he was 16. Self-employed for six years, his business has grown steadily over the last two years.
One of the biggest advantages Sean finds with GALVACOAT® is the substantial savings he makes. ”A cherry picker costs about €300 per day to hire. As Galvacoat takes only one coat and is easy to apply, it means big cost savings for me on labour and machinery hire.”

Quality finish for Quality Hotel

Castle Interiors supplied GALVACOAT® to Sean for the new Quality Hotel in Limerick while McInerneys Construction was the main contractor. Sean used GALVACOAT® on the balconies, external surfaces and galvanized steel.
”The usual method is t-wash, primer, undercoat, gloss. With Galvacoat, it’s dust off and only one coat is necessary, although two coats were used on the Quality Hotel for a longer-lasting finish. For an industrial paint, it’s very easy to apply, as easy as any other oil-based paint. I’m very happy with Galvacoat, I’ll use it again.”
Sean believes reliability and contactability are key to his business.
”I can tackle any job, big or small. I get my work through word of mouth and I get repeat business by leaving good work behind me”
Established 12 years in Limerick, Castle Interiors has five retail shops, mostly in the North West. Business is 50/50 trade and domestic with GALVACOAT® selling mostly to manufacturers of gates and railings. ”Galvacoat is a good product, it sells well,” according to Kevin Kinsella who has worked for Castle Interiors for five years.

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