InFloor® – for your indoor marking needs

InFloor indoor marking


Indoors, where employees or customers move among vehicular traffic, markings are an essential tool in regards to safety. It is also an useful tool to help users navigate or help streamline a production facility eg. by colour coding areas and routes.

The right product for the right location

Different locations are subjected to different kind of wear and tear. With that in mind, our keen experts have evolved a line of products for indoor use. No matter what your requirements may be, we have a water borne, solvent borne or thermoplastic product with capabilities to fit your need.

Quality on all surfaces – No heavy machinery required

Busy locations and production sites cannot be shutdown for long. The InFloor® product line does not require heavy machinery for application. This makes it possible to mark smaller areas, while keeping the rest of a workspace open. This results in only minimal nuisance in a busy work environment.

Add symbols, numbers and letters

With InFloor® Mark you can customize areas for easy recognition resulting in added efficiency. We have a wide range of standard symbols like pedestrian, car parking and warning signs, but any symbol can be made on request.

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