Galvanizing Awards 2023

GAGA 2023

The Galvanizing Awards are open for entries. If you have used galvanized steel, submit your project today. It is free to enter.

Entering is free, quick and easy. The competition gives you the opportunity to raise the profile of your organisation. The winning entries will be featured in our ‘Hot Dip Galvanizing’ magazine, which has a circulation of over 20,000 specifiers across Europe.

Who can enter?

The Galvanizing Awards are open to:

  • Architects
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Constructors
  • Artists

What type of project is eligible?

All projects, large or small, new or refurbished, from across Ireland and UK, completed after 1st January 2021 are eligible. The judging is based on merit and not the scale of the project.

Submitted entries will be considered in six categories.

Galvanizing in Architecture Award

This will be awarded to the most architecturally innovative and effective use of galvanized steelwork.

It will include projects of any size and will be judged on the functionality as well as the aesthetics of the structure.

Galvanizing in Engineering Award

This award will pay special attention to the structural functionality of the project, recognising the use of galvanized steel from a technical perspective.

Entries in this category will be judged on their practical use of galvanizing rather than its aesthetics.

Galvanizing in Detail Award

This will be awarded to the most innovative use of galvanized steel elements within a project that form finishing details. This category also includes all artistic entries.

Sustainable Galvanizing Award

This award will recognise the sustainable contribution that the design and use of galvanized steel will make to the built environment. The judges will look for a project where galvanized steel is used mainly for its environmental benefits.

Galvanizing in Duplex Award

This award will pay special attention to projects where organic coatings (paint or powder coating) have been applied on top of galvanized steel. Entries will be judged on aesthetics and functionality.

Galvanizing in Art Award

This award will be awarded to the most compelling use of galvanized steelwork in contemporary art and the built environment. The judging panel will consider any work that harnesses the creative potential of galvanized steel.

Deadline for entering: 12th May 2023

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