Hot dip galvanizing is very often thought only as a coating for corrosion protection. When you look at the handcrafted flowers that were galvanized in Galco Cork, you can clearly see that the natural, metallic finish can also be a visual enhancement.


Aesthetics are important to nearly every construction project, but especially on artistic sculptures, façades, and other visual elements. Utilizing hot-dip galvanizing on steel design elements ensures they are as beautiful as the day they were installed, decades in the future.

Galvanizing is the best solution for corrosion protection, offering significantly greater benefits than paint or any other coating system. In fact, when it comes to handling, durability, coating thickness, application, and protection, there’s no comparison.

Architects and Engineers specify galvanizing because it’s the most effective corrosion system with a long, maintenance-free lifespan.  And if you’re considering galvanizing, you might want to review the major, measurable benefits

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