Achieve Timeless Durability with Galvanized and Painted Balconies

Do you constantly worry about your balcony rusting and needing frequent repairs? Imagine the frustration of spending time and money on a balcony that deteriorates quickly.

The constant battle against corrosion and damage can be exhausting and expensive. Are you tired of the inconvenience of ongoing maintenance? The hours wasted on repairs and the anxiety over safety concerns can take a toll on your peace of mind.

What if there was a solution that offered lasting durability and required minimal upkeep? A balcony system that remains beautiful and strong, providing you with a worry-free experience 

When we are talking about faster construction, durability, and sustainability, there is one material that stands out – steel. But not just any steel; we are referring to hot dip galvanized and painted steel balconies using the unmatched Galvacoat system. This combination offers an unparalleled blend of strength, longevity, and ease of maintenance that simply cannot be matched by other balcony materials.

Unmatched Durability

Hot dip galvanizing protects steel against corrosion for over 100 years. This process involves coating the steel in a layer of molten zinc, which forms a robust barrier against environmental elements. This means your balcony can withstand the harshest weather conditions without showing signs of wear or rust.

Enhanced Protection and Aesthetics

On top of the galvanizing, Galvacoat paint adds an additional 25 years of corrosion protection. But Galvacoat doesn’t just stop at protection; it also significantly enhances the aesthetics of your balcony. Available in a range of colors, this paint allows you to customize the look of your balcony to match your style while providing an extra layer of durability.

Easy Maintenance and Cost Efficiency

One of the standout features of this system is its incredible ease of maintenance. Any gaps or damages that may occur over the years can be easily filled with overcoat paint, eliminating the need to dismantle the entire balcony. This unique system ensures that maintaining your balcony remains a simple and cost-effective process, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Efficiency in Construction

Choosing galvanized and painted steel balconies streamlines the construction process significantly. The manufacturers of these balconies work closely with Galco, ensuring that the average lead time for hot-dip galvanizing and painting is just 3-5 working days. This efficient preparation and delivery system means that the balconies are secured and sent directly to the construction site promptly, drastically improving the overall construction timeline.

A Sustainable Choice

Not only do these balconies offer longevity and easy maintenance, but they are also a more sustainable choice. The durability of hot-dip galvanized and Galvacoat-painted steel means fewer resources are needed for repairs or replacements, reducing the environmental impact over the long term.

Galvanized Balconies

When you choose hot-dip galvanized and Galvacoat-painted steel balconies, you are investing in a product that offers over a century of protection against corrosion, aesthetic versatility, minimal maintenance costs, and efficient construction. 

Galvanizing is all around ​

Galvanizing is playing a key role in enabling sustainable housing development in Ireland. The whole Irish galvanizing industry is focused on ensuring that the steel elements used in the areas listed below are safe from corrosion. 

Galvanizing protects Steel

Steel is a strong, versatile and inexpensive material with uses in many different industries. It has, however, one major disadvantage: it is prone to corrosion, even in interior environments corrosion protection is therefore essential if steel structures are to be economical.

Specifiers challenges

Today, increased awareness of the long-term savings possible from reduced maintenance costs have highlighted the need for the durable protective systems for steel. Designers, specifiers, fabricators and users of steelwork are trying to develop the most effective, practical and economic solutions.

Galvanized & Painted Steel Balcony Projects

The use of galvanized steel leads to lower financial and environmental costs of maintenance

Wide Use of Hot dip Galvanizing

Protecting steel is at the very heart of our galvanizing services. Ensuring that the key element of global infrastructure lasts as long as possible is the definition of sustainability. Eliminating the need to replace fabricated steel products, galvanizing saves energy and natural resources that would be required to create and transport new steel. 


The course describes what Hot Dip Galvanizing is and the corrosion protection it provides. It also includes the process of application, the relevant standards, quality assurance, on-site inspection, life expectancy and sustainability. It will also cover the specification of Hot Dip Galvanizing and some important design considerations to be considered.

Participants will get a clear understanding of the Technical, Architectural and Environmental advantages to using Hot Dip Galvanizing along with recent examples of practical application.

In order to keep you updated with the latest developments relating to Hot Dip Galvanizing we offer CPD style presentations. We arrange these in your office at a time convenient to yourselves. 

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