Tractor galvanized for decades

We were privileged to be trusted with this stunning steel model tractor created by the 6th year leaving cert student Davan Leahy. This piece will be on display at this year’s National Ploughing Championship 2020. A young man with a very bright future ahead. Davan chose to galvanize the piece with us for quality, turnaround, aesthetics and long-lasting protection.

Model was galvanized in our Galco Cork plant.

The Agri sector is of huge importance to the Irish economy and a key role of Galco is to help companies in the sector to protect their assets against corrosion. We have been galvanising agricultural equipment, machinery, buildings and fittings for over 50 years now.

Agriculture is a highly competitive business which therefore needs the best possible return from its assets. Both the food processing and agriculture industries are cost competitive.  Any opportunity to decrease operating costs can lead to an advantage in the market place and higher profit margins.  Galvanized steel’s maintenance-free longevity translates to huge savings in both industries.

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