Drainage Virtual Showroom

You can arrange a meeting with our sales team in our brand-new drainage showroom in Dublin, or…

You can “walk” through our beautiful virtual showroom from the comfort of your own home, office or even on the go!

Browse through our high-quality products at the touch of a button.

Virtual Tour Tips

1. START: Press the Play Button to start your Virtual Tour

2. PRODUCTS: Scroll over the Blue/White highlight spots to reveal product details, and click through to the product page on the website for more info.

3. NAVIGATE: Tap or Click in the direction you want to go to navigate through the showroom. Click and drag to rotate your view.

4. MORE TOOLS: View the showroom Floorplan and Dollhouse view, or Full Screen, by selecting the relevant icons at the bottom of the virtual tour screen.

Happy Viewing! 


Our advisers will be happy to introduce you to all the possibilities of the presented drainage solutions. Make an appointment in our showroom today.

Brian Dalton

South Leinster
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