Galco are now a Sika approved Intumescent Paint Contractor and are launching our new paint facility in Summer 2021. Working alongside Sika allows us to introduce Sika Unitherm Platinum, a modified epoxy based, solvent free intumescent fire protection coating for structural steel. Galco provides a full technical service for Engineers & Architects in Ireland including literature, telephone enquiries, plant visits and in-house CPD presentations.

The course describes what intumescent paint is, how it works and the different coating thickness that may be required. It also looks at the distinct advantages of Unitherm Platinum in relation to its performance, the application process, relevant standards, quality assurance, life expectancy, sustainability and quick turnaround.

Participants will get a clear understanding of the technical and environmental advantages of intumescent paint along with recent examples of practical application.

In order to keep you up to date with the latest developments relating to passive fire protection coatings and hot dip galvanizing we offer CPD style presentations. We arrange these at a time convenient to yourselves.

Elements covered by our CPD

Our CPD presentations typically take place online or in the offices of the Architects, Engineers or Client Companies involved, and cover the following elements:

  • Understanding Intumescent Paint

  • Different Coating Thickness (R60, R90, R120)

  • Application Process

  • Quality Management Systems

  • Certification

  • Sustainability

  • Relevant Standards

  • Unique Characteristics of Unitherm Platinum

  • Typical Uses for Unitherm Platinum

  • Hot Dip Galvanizing as part of a Passive Fire Protection System

To arrange one of these presentation you can fill the form at the bottom of this page or contact us at

cpd courses

Learning objectives

The presentations have been designed in conjunction with the Sika and cover the following areas:

  • Different market segments of industrial coatings

  • Compliance with building regulations, national and international standards.

  • Performance, legislations, maintenance.

  • Technical and specification support.

  • Applications

  • Case Studies

How CPD courses benefits you

The benefits of CPD aren’t felt just when you’re going for promotion or upgrading to Chartered membership. Many employers now value ‘learning agility’ as a core competency.

  • Build confidence and credibility; you can see your progression by tracking your learning.
  • Earn more by showcasing your achievements. A handy tool for appraisals.
  • Achieve your career goals by focussing on your training and development.
  • Cope positively with change by constantly updating your skill set.
  • Be more productive and efficient by reflecting on your learning and highlighting gaps in your knowledge and experience.

How CPD courses benefits your organisation

As organisations shift the responsibility for personal development back to the individual, the ability and insight to manage your own professional growth is seen as a key strength.

  • Helps maximise staff potential by linking learning to actions and theory to practice.
  • Helps HR professionals to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) objectives, for training activity to be more closely linked to business needs.
  • Promotes staff development. This leads to better staff morale and a motivated workforce and helps give a positive image/brand to organisations.
  • Adds value; reflecting it will help staff to consciously apply learning to their role and the organisation’s development.
  • Linking to appraisals. This is a good tool to help employees focus their achievements throughout the year.

What the Architects and Engineers say

It was very informative day. Thank you especially the staff at Galco Cork for a plant tour –  Nigel O’Sullivan, JCA Architects

Nigel O’Sullivan, JCA Architects

Please pass my thanks for a very informative presentation and tour to your colleagues and of course thank you for your organisation of the morning. I’ve been specifying galvanised steel for 30 year and hadn’t revisited the subject in such detail since my college days. I took away a lot!! – Valentine Ryan, Ryan Associates Consulting Engineers

Valentine Ryan, Ryan Associates Consulting Engineers

Thanks very much for allowing me to attend your site and to give me a good understanding of the process and the products you supply. I look forward to receiving the relevant PDF’s along with a certificate of attendance for the CPD. I found the whole process very informative – Declan Kehoe, KEHOE Architectural Design

Declan Kehoe, KEHOE Architectural Design


45 minutes plus question time

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