Strong growth in Ireland

Iqbal Johal, Galvanizers Association

It has been another good year for the GAGAs. Whilst entrant numbers remain strong, a number of trends are apparent, which reflect activity within the UK & Irish construction and infrastructure sectors.

This year has seen an increase in projects from Ireland that reflects the strong growth within the construction sector. Retail, commercial and art sectors were very well represented. On a more general outlook, there is a wider range of professions entering, showcasing large-scale public build projects or the reinterpretation of something as ubiquitous as a field gate.

This year’s short list also includes telling renovation projects, indicating the current sensitivity towards reuse of existing materials. A few projects also signpost an exciting new attitude towards industrial architecture, particularly in the renewable energy sector.

We hope to continue to build on the positive trend within Ireland for the 2018 GAGAs.

Prepare for GAGA 2018

Entering the GAGAs is free, quick and easy. The GAGA competition gives you the opportunity to raise the profile of your organization. The winning entries will be featured on our website, on our social media accounts and in our ‘Hot Dip Galvanizing‘ magazine, which has a circulation of over 30,000 specifiers across Europe.

More, you have the opportunity of meeting and networking with other professionals in the construction industry.

  1. Get recognition for your project.
  2. Get featured in Hot Dip Galvanizing Magazine (distributed across Europe).
  3. Get profiled on our website.
  4. Be a part of our PR campaign.
  5. Raise the profile of your practice.

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