Channel Drainage Systems Materials

When it comes to channel drainage systems, choosing the right material is crucial. The material used can affect the durability, performance, and cost of the system. In this blog post, we will explore the materials used in channel drainage systems, including their benefits and drawbacks. Plastic Channel Drainage Systems Plastic channel drainage systems are [...]

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Types of Channel Drainage Systems

When it comes to channel drainage systems, there are several types available on the market. Choosing the right system for your property can be overwhelming, but understanding the different types and their unique features can help you make an informed decision. In this post, we'll explore the various types of channel drainage systems available [...]

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Channel Drainage: How It Works and Why It’s Important for Your Property

If you've ever walked through a car park, pavement, or patio after heavy rain, you've probably noticed standing water in low areas. This not only creates a slip-and-fall hazard, but can also damage the pavement over time. To prevent these issues, property owners often install channel drainage systems. In this post, we'll explain what [...]

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Kerb Drainage Gully

Drainage gully is an essential component of any drainage system, and they play a crucial role in preventing water from pooling and flooding on your property. In Ireland, drainage gullies are required for new construction and renovation projects, and they must comply with regulations and standards set by the government. A drainage gully is [...]

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Why Use Paverslot Channel Drainage?

Hauraton Paverslot channels are a great option for design sensitive applications. The slotted channels are useful for areas and facades where aesthesis are important, particularly in public and commercial areas. The channels can be discreetly hidden under the surface, allowing for the desired paving slabs/bricks to be laid without disruption while ensuring all functional [...]

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How to Keep Your Drainage System Clean?

In order to ensure a high degree of hydraulic utilization, a continuously unrestricted drainage cross-section is necessary. Regular care and maintenance work of drainage systems are essential for this. Debris and other defects should be detected and removed to ensure that the drainage system functions properly. We recommend that drainage systems are checked and [...]

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Drainage and Filtration of Microplastics

Artificial turf surfaces are a type of plastic carpet. When playing on the surfaces, the EPDM granulate (the material used for infilled artificial turf) and the synthetic grass fibres are exposed to repeated strain. The mechanical wear from higher tread loads - as created during football or rugby - causes tiny particles or blades [...]

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What are Microplastics in water?

What is microplastic? Microplastics are plastic particles that are five millimetres and smaller. The particles are often so tiny that they are hardly visible to the human eye. This is why the description "invisible microplastic" is often used in the media. Origin and distribution of microplastic Many people initially think of microbeads and microplastics [...]

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Recyfix® Channels – for all hydraulic demands

The exemplary calculation of the hydraulic capacity of two channel runs in the same application (one with and one without built-in fall) clearly shows, that the velocity at the end of the channel run is identical. That means RECYFIX Channels fulfill all hydraulic demands and make sure that in all applications stormwater flows in [...]

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Hauraton BIM components now online

Progress that can be compared to changing the drawing board to a computer. Yes, that's BIM revolution. HAURATON keeps up the pace.  Recognising a growing desire within the sector to gain the same advantages BIM offers construction projects, the BIM offering will cover products manufactured by Hauraton. BIM files are now available in REVIT for [...]

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