Drainage Systems

C250 Polymer Concrete Channel Ductile Oval Grip Grating ANRKC100G26


C250 Polymer Concrete Channel c/w Ductile Oval Grip Slotted Grating

Reinforced edge channel

The material comprised of naturally occurring mineral quartzes and resin is distinguished by its structural and environmental benefits. In comparison with conventional, cement-bound materials, resin concrete allows for unit weights which are much easier to handle. By processing the material on the construction site, time, and money are saved. The high quality of the individual components as well as the closed material matrix make the resin concrete watertight and highly resistant to corrosion as well as a number of substances. As a result, surfaces can be designed which purposefully drain off rainwater and the groundwater can be reliably protected against environmental pollution. 


Application: Railway platform, Facade drainage, Flat roofs, terraces and balconies, Pedestrian zones, Gardening and landscaping, Multi-story car parks, Market squares, markets, Public areas and squares, Cityscapes with architectural value, Cycle paths, and footpaths, Schoolyards

Loading Class: C250

Locking: Bar & Bolt

Material: Polymer Concrete

Gratings Available: Ductile Oval Grip Slotted

External Dimensions: 1000 x 130 x 100mm 


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