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Major Capacity Improvements at Galco Waterford

A new, bigger galvanizing bath has just been installed in our Galco Waterford plant. Thanks to the new upgrade, we can now deliver an even better galvanizing service to the South East region. The new tank, which measures 6.5 m by 1.5 m by 2.65 m, increases our Waterford plant capacity by 70%. – [...]

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Fire Protection In The New Bulk Logistic Center

Limerick is home to the largest production facility for mass biologics in Ireland. Critical medicines for the whole world are produced on an area of 37,000 m². With an investment sum of 100 million dollars, the plant is currently being enlarged. The extension will provide approximately 300 additional jobs. By 2020, the new building [...]

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What is Galvanizing Process?

How to make steel even more durable? How can we minimize the need for maintenance of future structures made of it? Let’s find out what is a galvanizing process. In a nutshell, hot-dip galvanizing involves the process of mechanically applying a durable zinc coating to steel. The reaction between zinc and steel takes place [...]

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What’s The Galvanizing Meaning?

What's The Galvanizing Meaning? Steel is used in a variety of areas and is one of the most popular and versatile materials. Its surface requires special care due to its feature of reacting in contact with the environment and corrosion. The galvanizing process allows the steel part to obtain a protective layer. It is [...]

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Galvanised Steel in Pálás Cinema

Galway’s Pálás cinema designed by dePaor Architects, won the Detail Award in the Galvanizers Association GAGA competition. Galvanized steel was chosen in Pálás for its texture and colour, flat against the west of Ireland sky. It is good with limestone and concrete and it weathers to a soft grey and chimes with street furniture. [...]

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We are growing!

Our Access Covers & Drainage Systems Division Is Moving – Feb 1st As part of the ongoing development of our Access Covers & Drainage Systems business, we have acquired a new building, dedicated solely to this division – it’s just off the Greenhills Road, not far from the Walkinstown Roundabout (EIRCODE D12 CF99). We [...]

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How to Keep Your Drainage System Clean?

In order to ensure a high degree of hydraulic utilization, a continuously unrestricted drainage cross-section is necessary. Regular care and maintenance work of drainage systems are essential for this. Debris and other defects should be detected and removed to ensure that the drainage system functions properly. We recommend that drainage systems are checked and [...]

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Dublin Development Success Story

The Cedar Brook has been proven to be one of Dublin‘s most successful developments. The recent galvanizing coating thickness readings indicate that the galvanized steelwork will probably exceed a 50-year maintenance-free performance. The Cedar Brook, a joint venture by Park Developments, John Sisk & Son, and Dublin City Council, was aimed at providing housing on [...]

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How to solve the Microplastics problem?

Regular usage of artificial playing surfaces results in 250-300 kgs of microplastics ending up in the surrounding environment and water courses every year. Galco and their international drainage partner, Hauraton, are overcoming this challenge with a safe and effective solution for filtering and retaining microplastic particles. Artificial playing surfaces use synthetic blades of grass [...]

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Covid-19 Update

Following the Government’s decision to lift all restrictions on Construction from Tues, May 4th we are happy to announce that we will be able to return to normal operations and will no longer require letters of authorisation from that date. Obviously, it remains critically important for everyone visiting our sites to fully adhere to the [...]

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