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Drainage and Filtration of Microplastics

Artificial turf surfaces are a type of plastic carpet. When playing on the surfaces, the EPDM granulate (the material used for infilled artificial turf) and the synthetic grass fibres are exposed to repeated strain. The mechanical wear from higher tread loads - as created during football or rugby - causes tiny particles or blades [...]

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Covid-19 Update

The Government has outlined its phased reopening of businesses with Phase 1 coming into force on Mon 18th May. This includes Construction sites along with Builders’ Providers and Hardware Stores. These categories are on top of the previously allowed essential services which include; power supply data and telecoms pharmaceuticals agriculture and food supply. All [...]

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Galvanizing Art

Hot dip galvanizing is very often thought only as a coating for corrosion protection. When you look at the handcrafted flowers that were galvanized in Galco Cork, you can clearly see that the natural, metallic finish can also be a visual enhancement. Aesthetics are important to nearly every construction project, but especially [...]

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Tractor galvanized for decades

We were privileged to be trusted with this stunning steel model tractor created by the 6th year leaving cert student Davan Leahy. This piece will be on display at this year's National Ploughing Championship 2020. A young man with a very bright future ahead. Davan chose to galvanize the piece with us for quality, [...]

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What are Microplastics in water?

What is microplastic?Microplastics are plastic particles that are five millimetres and smaller. The particles are often so tiny that they are hardly visible to the human eye. This is why the description "invisible microplastic" is often used in the media. Origin and distribution of microplasticMany people initially think of microbeads and microplastics in cosmetics, for example:PeelingShower [...]

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FTA Ireland member

As a member of FTA Ireland, we are committed to operating our business in compliance with legislation & industry best practice. Membership Number:  306954. FTA Ireland is a trade association representing the transport interests of members and working to ensure safe, efficient and sustainable logistics operations throughout Ireland. FTA Ireland covers all aspects of private [...]

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Sales Job Offer

Galco are a leading provider of surface water management solutions for modern urban landscapes and supply a wide range of Access Covers and Drainage Systems. With an in-depth understanding of the market and full technical support we can provide the complete drainage package for all needs and applications. We have a well-established network of [...]

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Sustainable Fr. Collins Park

Fr. Collins Park is Ireland’s first wind powered and wholly sustainable park, and was designed by the Argentinian architects Abelleyro & Romero. It has the capacity to be entirely energy self-sufficient with five wind turbines that harness the wind and provide the energy that powers the park’s lighting, aeration and water features as well [...]

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