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DL100P Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover


Aluminium Recessed Covers 100mm (71mm recess) Locked.  The aluminium covers are odour and waterproof and available in multiple sizes and heights, depending on the application.

  • Frame and cover are made of extruded aluminium profile and are easy to open with the lifting keys.
  • Application: outdoor.
  • Cover with the cover placed freely in the outer frame.
  • Standard equipped with a reinforcement mesh.
  • 3 mm galvanized steel plate.
  • Two seals: one seal at the base and a T rubber seal incorporated into the outer frame.
  • The T rubber seal has three functions:
  • It prevents dirt between the cover and the frame.
  • The rubber’s elastic effect avoids tension between the cover and the frame.
  • It offers an additional smell barrier


Application: Outdoor use for balconies, garage doors, patios, etc.

Loading Class: FACTA B & C. Pedestrian precincts, forecourts, commercial delivery/parking areas. Factories, industrial plants, where pallet and small forklift trucks operate.

Height: 100 mm

Recess: 71 mm

Material: Aluminium

Features: Gas, smell, and waterproof. The cover has a double high-grade EPDM seal and there is a T rubber seal on the side of the frame to prevent dirt infiltration between frame and cover 


Product CodeClear Opening
Frame Width
Loading ClassHeight
Recess Depth Total
DC100P300B125210 x 210300 x 300 FACTA B10071
DC100P400B125310 x 310400 x 400 FACTA B10071
DC100P500B125410 x 410500 x 500 FACTA B10071
DC100P600B125510 x 510600 x 600 FACTA B10071
DC100P300C250210 x 210300 x 300 FACTA C10071
DC100P400C250 310 x 310400 x 400 FACTA C10071
DC100P500C250410 x 410500 x 500 FACTA C10071
DC100P600C250510 x 510600 x 600 FACTA C10071


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