Christopher Kelly
Christopher Kelly Director at Thompsons of Carlow
I’m very happy with Galco. The quality of their product is excellent. If something is exposed to the elements, hot dip galvanizing extends its life. All the better if it can be galvanized, especially if it’s exposed
Jitka Leonard
Jitka LeonardO’Donnell and Tuomey Architects “The Lewis Glucksman Gallery”
We were a little bit worried about the quality of the galvanizing because it’s not always a perfect finish. But Galco were really encouraging and brought out a big sample of galvanized sheeting which looked very good and was exactly what we wanted to achieve. It was a perfect piece. Detailed discussions between architect and galvanizer resulted in the optimum selection of steel thickness, panel size and quality control procedures to ensure the desired results were achieved
John Parker
John ParkerABK Architects Civic Cork Offices
We were looking for something more tactile and attractive. Galvanizing provided the perfect marriage of aesthetics, performance and cost effectiveness
Philipstown Engineering
Philipstown EngineeringArdee Livestock Mart project
We rolled it to shape on site to make sure it was dead right and then sent it to Galco for galvanizing. Des Byrne from Galco looked after us and in the end the whole job went very well
John Duggan
John DugganOwner
All the structural steel used on the canopy of Martello Hotel was hot dip Galvanized and then Galvacoated. We are delighted with the finished product. The canopy has become an attraction in itself.
Dan Moynihan
Dan MoynihanArea Engineer with Dublin City Council
Galvacoat® was specifically chosen as it met these requirements and avoided the need for etch priming. These railings haven’t been touched in sixteen years and there’s not one sign of chipping or flaking
Sean Flannery
Sean FlanneryPainting contractor, Limerick
A cherry picker costs about €300 per day to hire. As Galvacoat takes only one coat and is easy to apply, it means big cost savings for me on labour and machinery hire. The usual method is t-wash, primer, undercoat, gloss. With Galvacoat, it’s dust off and only one coat is necessary, although two coats were used on the Quality Hotel for a longer-lasting finish. For an industrial paint, it’s very easy to apply, as easy as any other oil-based paint. I’m very happy with Galvacoat, I’ll use it again.
Martin O’Boyle
Martin O’BoyleProject Manager OMC - Spencer Dock
These apartments were always going to be top of the range so we needed to use quality products throughout the entire development. We knew that all our steel needed to be hot dip galvanized and we wanted to go that bit further to protect the steelwork and increase its aesthetic value. Galvacoat® was the chosen solution in this area, as the coating doesn’t chip or flake off over time and has UV protection and anti-graffiti properties making it a durable finish for steelwork. Galco served as a one-stop shop for us during this project. Not only did they hot dip galvanize our steel ,but they coated and wrapped it for us too, delivering us a fully finished product.
Liam Wall
Liam WallPaddy Wall & Sons
With galvanizing the most important thing for us is the turnaround. It`s all about performance, our reputation is built on this
Tim O`Shea
Tim O`SheaEngineer, FTC, Fermoy Toll Plaza
We specified galvanizing from Galco Steel for the first coat because it was going to be exposed to the elements and it needed protection from de-icing salt
Ken Griffin
Ken GriffinNiall Fitzsimons & Co.
Decathlon is fully self-cleansing, it`s very sturdy, it won`t break and it`s simple to lay. When you`re working on very big project, time is money, you have to perform. If you spend a lot of money on something, you want to be sure it will work. The performance of a product is vital, not just whether it`s within budget.
Tim McCaughan
Tim McCaughanproject manager, Bridgewater Retail Park
Envirokerb is a lot quicker and easier to install than traditional kerb and gully system and looks a lot better too. The Envirokerbs units come as a single block so you get a much better finished line than similar polymer concrete two-block systems. With two-block system, after you have bedded in the bottom half, it can sometimes be difficult to get good overall alignment when you come to fir the top. With a single-block system like Envirokerb you can`t go wrong
John O`Mahony
John O`Mahonycontracts manager, Ballincollig Town Centre
Paverslot was specified because it has less impact visually. It`s more robust than the product we used previously. It worked out well